Pickle Yolk Books is a newly born independent publishing house based in New Delhi. We are driven by an unbridled passion to create picture books that weave childhood’s eclectic patchwork of joys, challenges and personal triumphs.

In India, we grew up in the 80s with a popular jingle on television ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khayo ande’ (Eggs every day, Sunday through Monday).  My granny’s response to the commercial used to be an acerbic ‘what’s life without some pickle at every meal!’ So here we are with Pickle Yolk Books, an irresistible combination of the two must-haves. Our books are bit like pickle – tangy, yummy, exciting; a bit yolk-like – enriching, wholesome, all round awesome. Fun, either way. And more.

With just a few titles occupying the place of pride in our pickle farm, we are, as yet, a baby in the fascinating world of picture books. But we have ideas. We dream big. And there’s a certain madness about us that’s hard to miss.

We are nuts about the egg white too.


Richa Jha

Hugs to all picture book lovers,

Richa Jha

Founder, Pickle Yolk Books