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With only two titles occupying the place of pride in our snuggery, we are, as yet, a baby in the fascinating world of picture books. But we have ideas. We dream big. And there’s a certain madness about us that’s hard to miss.  

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Tho’ my daughter is 9 year old I went ahead and picked the SUSU PALS. She loved it is truly an understatement. Everyone (All relatives) she speaks to over the phone is first told about the book and she will tell them that she will show it to them when she meets next time. She is avid reader and it made her read the book to her 8 month old sis!!

Thanks a lot for your brilliant write-up!

Best wishes,

Snuggle With Picture Books

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  • Thatha at School at KGAF 2018


    Richa Jha and Gautam Benegal had a great time at this session this morning at Kitab Khana in Bombay as part of the prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2018.   

  • Boo! makes the Publishing Next Industry Awards 2017 Shortlist!

    Publishing Next Shortlist

      We are delighted to see our Boo! When My Sister Died on the prestigious Publishing Next Industry Awards 2017 in the Children’s Book of the Year category. Author Richa Jha and illustrator Gautam Benegal, congratulations! And our warmest wishes and heartiest congratulations to all the other nominees. The category wise shortlists may be seen here.  The winners will be announced […]

  • Love comes our way from the other end of the world!

    Unpacking the power

    A note from the publisher: I am more than a month late in posting this update, but here goes… Of all the people I have had special pleasure and privilege of knowing by virtue of being in the kidlit industry, my association with Sandy Brehl is one of the most special. We connected in the virtual […]


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