How to Raise a Feminist

How to Raise a Feminist

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Neha Kirpal at writes on some of the recent children’s books by Indian publishing houses that have feminism at its core, whether overtly or in a subtle way. We are thrilled to see our very own The Unboy Boy making this list. Kirpal writes,

“It (The Unboy Boy) made waves for dealing with gender identity in an Indian context. In the story, Gagan’s family cannot get on board with the fact that he is not “boy” enough.”

Read the entire article here.
 Features Boo! When My Sister Died Features Boo! When My Sister Died

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We have been long time admirers of writer-author-editor-environment crusader Bijal Vachharajani’s words. And so, it gives us immense pleasure to have her talk about Boo! When My Sister Died in this insightful feature at on how bereavement and grief is finally being talked about in books for children in India. She writes:

“In it, the protagonist Noorie’s sister dies and the world, as the girl knows it, changes. As Noorie yearns for Zoya’s return, Jha and Benegal unspool a story about coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. Like a child talking, the book is often straight and direct: “That night my sister Zoya was away at the hospital, I dreamt of her. The next morning Mummy said Zoya was dead. I cried.” And yet, the picture book ends on a note of hope.”

The beautiful poignantly haunting illustration of the child and her pet standing alone at the top of the hill is by Gautam Benegal from Boo! When My Sister Died.

Read the entire feature here.

Written by Richa Jha and illustrated by Gautam Benegal, Boo! When My Sister Died is our latest release.  Click here to know more about the book and here to buy a copy.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017!


We have returned from Bologna, all inspired and super charged! Sharing some hastily clicked pics of glimpses of the city centre and of the book fair:

And we are there!


You know you’ve landed in Italy because…! This one was right at the airport terminal. 😀

Shamelessly clicking pics of this irresistible window display and the view inside!



Gorgeous picture books from around the world at the Book Fair book shop…


This insanely eye-popping grandeur of the Sala dello Stabat Mater at the Archiginnàsio Library where the 6 regional BOP Bologna Prizes for the Best Children’s Publisher of the Year. What a proud moment it was for India to have Shobha Viswanath of Karadi Tales as one of the nominated publishers!!

Friends and Hugs @Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017!

Friends and Hugs @Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017!


Nothing comes close to the warmth and joy you feel in getting to hug friends thousands of miles away from home! With the multi faceted and inspiring Shobha Viswanath, author, and publisher of Karadi Tales; the unstoppable, super talented illustrator from India, Ruchi Mhasane, and Eva Sanchez (website link below), another incredibly awesome  illustrator from Spain / Catalonia.



The Unboy Boy is on the LRSIA 2017 reading list!

The Unboy Boy is on the LRSIA 2017 reading list!

Awards and Recognition Blog

We are excited that The Unboy Boy (written by Richa Jha, illustrated by Gautam Benegal) has been selected alongside some other truly awesome books for this year’s Leading Reading Schools of India Awards (LRSIA) 2017!

 Here is the entire list for this year.

Organised by the inimitable author, educator and story teller par excellence Shamim Padamsee and her Young India Books team, this is the fourth edition of the awards. These annual awards applaud and recognise the five leading schools of India for their exemplary work in instilling a love for reading in their students. On the historic occasion of our 70th year of Independence, this year’s programme lays emphasis on INDIA MERI HAI with the objective of creating sensitive readers and aware citizens who care for our land, its people, environment and heritage.

Don’t miss this lovely, upbeat video “India Meri Hai” conceptualised by Ms Padamsee and produced by her team; its peppy zing will have you humming it all day long! It will be shown at the participating schools and other venues. India’s leading wildlife photographers have contributed to making this an inspirational video. The images in the film can be used for further discussion to sensitise students to our environment.

Scroll to the end of this post to watch the video!

To know more and/or to participate in the Leading Reading Schools of India Awards (LRSIA) 2017, 

visit the website or click here

We wish all the participating schools countless hours of fun reading, exploring and reflecting on the books their students engage with.

Whispers and the Limca Book of Records 2013

Awards and Recognition Blog

Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Field, edited by Richa Jha, illustrated by Priya Kurian and contributions by 31 fantastic writers with the song, penned by Shobit Arya, publisher of Wisdom Tree, and composed and rendered by Indraneel Hariharan finds a place in the Limca Book of Records.

An absolute honour to have been a part of this wonderful journey. Though I had very little to do with the actual making of the song (apart from getting wowed by the ease with which Shobit came up with the words!), I’d like to believe that the handsome anthology that I put together went on to inspire an idea as novel as this.

As Shobit wrote in an earlier facebook update, ‘A memory from three years back. Interestingly, this idea has been copied by several publishers and authors thereafter. At the cost of sounding pompous, we set the trend.’

Whispersintheclassroomvoicesinthefields_frontcover 540591_3889558800102_48695528_n

Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014

Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014

Awards and Recognition Blog

Have returned home with priceless memories of a wonderful experience at The Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014. The Susu Pals did not win, but I savoured every moment, enjoyed Crossword’s gracious hospitality, strengthened old bonds, forged new friendships, and had an extraordinarily good time. I would have loved to have someone, anyone, walk up to me and say, ‘I LOVE your book!’ but what I did hear instead were a few ‘I LOVE your saree!’s.’ Well, the small little things that bring us joy when the almost-attainable has given you a miss! 🙂  Alicia, we missed you. Samina, Payal, Shilpa, applause and respect. And a beautifully worded citation it was for Shals Mahajan, the winner in the children’s category.

— at NCPA Nariman Point.


The happy visual jamboree at Crossword, Kemps Corner.


The hurriedly clicked and bbmed pic to my family before I rushed out to attend the event. I wish I hadn’t been this stupid to not have any other pic of the entire evening!


The yummy wall at the NCPA.


Happy for a picture book to have made it this far.


Susu before science! Methinks happy days are here for our book-loving kids! 🙂

Crossword Shortlist

The day the shortlist was announced!

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