Boo! makes the Publishing Next Industry Awards 2017 Shortlist!

Boo! makes the Publishing Next Industry Awards 2017 Shortlist!

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We are delighted to see our Boo! When My Sister Died on the prestigious Publishing Next Industry Awards 2017 in the Children’s Book of the Year category. Author Richa Jha and illustrator Gautam Benegal, congratulations! And our warmest wishes and heartiest congratulations to all the other nominees.

The category wise shortlists may be seen here.  The winners will be announced on December 29.

Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014

Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014

Awards and Recognition Blog

Have returned home with priceless memories of a wonderful experience at The Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014. The Susu Pals did not win, but I savoured every moment, enjoyed Crossword’s gracious hospitality, strengthened old bonds, forged new friendships, and had an extraordinarily good time. I would have loved to have someone, anyone, walk up to me and say, ‘I LOVE your book!’ but what I did hear instead were a few ‘I LOVE your saree!’s.’ Well, the small little things that bring us joy when the almost-attainable has given you a miss! 🙂  Alicia, we missed you. Samina, Payal, Shilpa, applause and respect. And a beautifully worded citation it was for Shals Mahajan, the winner in the children’s category.

— at NCPA Nariman Point.


The happy visual jamboree at Crossword, Kemps Corner.


The hurriedly clicked and bbmed pic to my family before I rushed out to attend the event. I wish I hadn’t been this stupid to not have any other pic of the entire evening!


The yummy wall at the NCPA.


Happy for a picture book to have made it this far.


Susu before science! Methinks happy days are here for our book-loving kids! 🙂

Crossword Shortlist

The day the shortlist was announced!

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