How to Raise a Feminist

How to Raise a Feminist

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Neha Kirpal at writes on some of the recent children’s books by Indian publishing houses that have feminism at its core, whether overtly or in a subtle way. We are thrilled to see our very own The Unboy Boy making this list. Kirpal writes,

“It (The Unboy Boy) made waves for dealing with gender identity in an Indian context. In the story, Gagan’s family cannot get on board with the fact that he is not “boy” enough.”

Read the entire article here.




The Unboy Boy is back at NutSpace

The Unboy Boy is back at NutSpace


We can’t stop cooing about the humongous love NutSpace has always shown towards our books. This time, they have introduced The Unboy Boy (written by Richa Jha, illustrated by Gautam Benegal) to this sprightly bunch of children. It brings us much joy to see them so totally engrossed in the book!

That’s not all! Rohini Vij, who runs the show at NutSpace, has sent us this clipping of a dramatised reading of the book:

Rohini, NutSpace, thank you! You rock!

The Unboy Boy is on the LRSIA 2017 reading list!

The Unboy Boy is on the LRSIA 2017 reading list!

Awards and Recognition Blog

We are excited that The Unboy Boy (written by Richa Jha, illustrated by Gautam Benegal) has been selected alongside some other truly awesome books for this year’s Leading Reading Schools of India Awards (LRSIA) 2017!

 Here is the entire list for this year.

Organised by the inimitable author, educator and story teller par excellence Shamim Padamsee and her Young India Books team, this is the fourth edition of the awards. These annual awards applaud and recognise the five leading schools of India for their exemplary work in instilling a love for reading in their students. On the historic occasion of our 70th year of Independence, this year’s programme lays emphasis on INDIA MERI HAI with the objective of creating sensitive readers and aware citizens who care for our land, its people, environment and heritage.

Don’t miss this lovely, upbeat video “India Meri Hai” conceptualised by Ms Padamsee and produced by her team; its peppy zing will have you humming it all day long! It will be shown at the participating schools and other venues. India’s leading wildlife photographers have contributed to making this an inspirational video. The images in the film can be used for further discussion to sensitise students to our environment.

Scroll to the end of this post to watch the video!

To know more and/or to participate in the Leading Reading Schools of India Awards (LRSIA) 2017, 

visit the website or click here

We wish all the participating schools countless hours of fun reading, exploring and reflecting on the books their students engage with.

Pickle Yolk Books at Bologna Book Fair 2015!

Pickle Yolk Books at Bologna Book Fair 2015!


We were excited to attend our first ever Bologna Children’s Book Fair this year! The National Book Trust (India) graciously offered us their stand space (thank you, Mr Mohapatra!). Sharing some hurriedly mob-clicked pics:


That’s me. grinning! At the NBT (India) stand. Day 1


My first! Thrilled. Excited. Grateful. 🙂


Signing a copy of The Unboy Boy for an Italian library! Much loved, much appreciated at Bologna, The Unboy Boy. Day 4


Not everything under-the-table is dubious. Art, for instance.


Upside down is always fun.


It’s fun watching people walk in with all sorts of things, including cakes!




To get you started. By the side of the snack bar.


The idea is to return home wiser.




The Illustrators Exhibition.


Low hanging books are always yummier than low hanging fruits.

The last day of the fair:


Bit by bit, the lovely stands come undone. It’s heartbreaking.


Bit by bit, the lovely stands come undone. It’s heartbreaking.


It’s the last day and the gorgeous gorgeous books are on sale everywhere! For Euro 5 each!, try beating that!


Nutspace @Inknuts has us teary eyed – all over again!

Nutspace @Inknuts has us teary eyed – all over again!


I was bang in the middle of relocating to Delhi when this new mail popped in my inbox.

“Hi Richa

I dramatised The Unboy Boy the other day…It was such a wonderful session. And kids loved the story….”

It was from Rohini Vij, the master storyteller, a super fun author n writer, a prolific blogger, an awesome mom, a proud (now) Kanpur resident, and a generally WOW person. Coming from her, I knew there was sure to be some mega awesomeness loaded in there, but my phone was acting up a bit that day so the images refused to open. And I had limited net access. Which meant that both excited and frustrated and on a short fuse the entire day. And so, when I finally did manage to go through the images from the story session, my tears knew no restraint!

I’m not sure what it more for: seeing a book that you’ve so lovingly created being elevated to an all together different plane, or the realisation that this woman brings the story to life FAR FAR FAR better than I will ever be able to! 😉

Scroll down this post for some of the images that Rohini mailed across and feel the energy, the delight, the passion!

I wish I was there for this. Or the several other mind blowing sessions that Nutspace@Inknuts holds. Rohini, I love you. We love you. 🙂