The Susu Pals

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Author: Richa Jha

Illustrator: Alicia Souza

Price: Rs 300 / USD 16.99 / S$16

32 pp.  27.9 x 22.2 cm.

9789351269373 Paperback

9789351269380 Hardcover

Age: 4+

Tags: Inseparable friendship. Challenges in friendship. Room for more. Forgive and forget.


Rhea and Dia are inseparable soulmates. They play the same games, match their socks and underpants, and rush to the bathroom together. But when Isha moves in next door, their friendship goes through trying times. Will Rhea, Dia and Isha become three best pals? And who is that boy always lurking in the background? Join Rhea and Dia on a rollicking roller coaster ride through their zany friendship. And discover a quirky twist at the end that shows how friendships transcend gender barriers.

Richa Jha weaves a clever and incredibly believable story of the typical joys, thrills, conflicts, jealousies, patch ups and all the bitter sweet stuff friendships are made of. Alicia Souza’s feisty and utterly playful artwork and hand drawn letterings add a charming quirkiness to this delightful story.

The Susu Pals trailer, created by Abhishek Jha @Atonal Indian