Written by Richa Jha and illustrated by Mithila Ananth

ISBN: 978-81-9410-290-8

Paperback | 32pp | 27 cm x 22 cm | 3yrs +

Published in June 2019

Rs 350 

There’s a story Giggi’s daddy tells her every day. It’s about a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of everything. And it all begins when Giggi wasn’t even born.

Dig into this charming, chucklesome book that has oodles of daddy-daughter love. Richa Jha spins an endearing maze of believable tall tales and cuteness overload. Mithila Ananth’s uncluttered frames with impish illustrations and exceptional visual comic timing leave the reader craving more.

Richa Jha is an author and picture book enthusiast. Her books have won several prestigious national and international awards and nominations. She is also the founder and publisher at Pickle Yolk Books, an independent publishing house for children’s picture books in English. She is an avid reader and an indefatigable traveller.

Mithila Ananth (A.K.A Doodlekaari on the internet) is an illustrator and designer based in Bangalore. She is a self-taught artist and has been illustrating for the past 3 years now (after quitting her 9 to 5 job!). Her art style is uncomplicated and playful with a touch of humour and plenty of colours. Her debut children’s picture book – “The Manic Panic” written by Richa Jha, published under Creston Books – came out in 2018 in the US.

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