Thatha at School

Thatha at School Front Cover

Thatha at School

Richa Jha and Gautam Benegal

ISBN: 978-93-5212-087-1

32 pp | Paperback | 27.5 x 24.7 cm | 4 yrs+

Rs 350

Tags: Be yourself. Demons in the mind. Perfect read aloud to quell a young mind’s insecurities

It is Grandparents Day at school, and everyone is excited. Not little Oviyam, who is embarrassed at the thought of her school mates seeing her grandfather in a Lungi. She tries her best to convince her Thatha  to skip the function but he insists on attending. The only option left with Oviyam is to excuse herself from his side so that no one gets to know he is her grandpa. Will Oviyam rise above her insecurities and own up her lungi-wearing Thatha in front of everyone?  Will she realise that external appearances don’t define a person?

Richa Jha’s light, breezy words, along with Gautam Benegal’s soft playful colour palettes and vividly illustrated frames help the reader both empathise with Oviyam fears and strongly hope for her baseless insecurities to rid her troubled mind.

Richa Jha is an author, publisher and picture book enthusiast. She is an independent creator of picture books in English under her PICKLE YOLK BOOKS imprint. She has written twelve picture books and edited an anthology for young adults. Her various titles have been shortlisted for the prestigious Crossword Award, Publishing Next Industry Awards and the FICCI Publishing Award. She is an avid reader and indefatigable traveller.

Born in 1965 in Calcutta, Gautam Benegal showed a marked aptitude for graphic arts from his early years. At age sixteen at the invitation of Satyajit Ray, renowned director and editor of the children’s magazine “Sandesh”, his illustrations and articles regularly appeared in Sandesh and subsequently other children’s magazines. Gautam Benegal has various children’s books to his credit ranging from children’s nursery rhymes, folk tales, to educational books. He loves to explore the ethnic cultural nuances and traditions of India using various styles in different artistic mediums. He is a renowned author, socio-political commentator and a National Award winner for animation films.