We have been a big time fan and a keen silent admirer of journalist, author and blogger Lalita Iyer‘s writings. And so, when she started @booksidaisies¬†on Instagram to feature books she and her son Re have enjoyed reading, we lost no time in sending them some of our titles!

And the verdict is OUT!

First up was this delightful post with Re reading The Unboy Boy!

“Am I a boy?,” Gagan asks his mother. “You are, my Duckie,” she says. “The loveliest, gentlest one who always makes me proud.” Like her, I have an unboy boy too, and I am constantly struggling with conventional definitions of masculinity and a world that will not let a kind, gentle and sensitive boy be. A world that’s in a hurry to put him in the “unboy” box. For a long time, Re has been at the receiving end of this, not just from boys but girls too. Now he is a crusader for “there are no boy things and girl things. If you are doing it, it’s your thing.” Unboy boy is a beautiful book by @richajharj with illustrations by Gautam Benegal that addresses questions children often have: “Am I boy enough?” Or “am I girl enough?” Through Gagan’s story, the book celebrates who you are, just the way you are. And tells you that you are always enough.

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Then came these warm words on Thatha at School, and we have been over the moon since!

If you think we are grinning from ear to ear, well, we ARE! Thank you, Lalita and Re! I hope you enjoy reading our other titles too.