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Love comes our way from the other end of the world!

Of all the people I have had special pleasure and privilege of knowing by virtue of being in the kidlit industry, my association with Sandy Brehl is one of the most special. We connected in the virtual world through twitter a few years ago and I admit I have been in awe of her since. We haven’t met in person nor do our virtual paths cross that often. But the support (both vocal and silent) that I have received from her continues to be a proof of how beautiful the kidlit world is and of the wonderful people who inhabit this glorious space.


I don’t know where to begin introducing Sandy to our readers! She is a thorough children’s book lover in every sense of the word. She is an acclaimed author of the Odin’s Promise trilogy (a set of the most engrossing historical fiction I have read on WWII), a former teacher, an occasional Cybils Awards judge, an active SCBWI member, a most insightful commentator on picture books on her blog Unpacking the Power of Picture Books, an indefatigable Goodreads reviewer, an equally untiring contributing author at The Storied Past and above all, a most wonderful human being.


Sandy has always cheered on for me and for all the tiny Pickle Yolk littlings, all the way from Wisconsin, USA. And so, it is such an honour to have Thatha at School and Love Like That featured and reviewed by her up up here on her blog. A Thank you! isn’t quite enough. 🙂

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