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Written by Richa Jha and illustrated by Priya Sebastian

ISBN: 9788194859260

Rs 650 | 32 pp. Hardcover

30 cm x 22 cm | 350gm

Release Date: February 2024

Ages 3 years +

Edited by Archana Atri | Layout and design by Priya Sebastian and Shakil Khan

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About the book:

Challenging the conventional views of motherhood that reduce moms to a rule-bound gendered identity and role, Mommies will encourage readers to explore and question their own as well as larger social norms.

Richa Jha delivers a strong statement through the simplicity of children’s voices, presenting a kaleidoscope of vastly different mothers who don’t fit the stereotypical narratives of motherhood. Priya Sebastian’s bold, charcoal-etched images infuse the simple narrative with an arresting depth to capture the diverse beauty of each portrayal.


About the Creators:

Richa Jha is a children’s author and the founder of Pickle Yolk Books, an independent children’s publishing house. Books written and published by her, all of which delve into the internal world of children and adults, have won national and international recognition. A passionate advocate of picture books being a wholesome read for all ages, she explores this in great depth in Picture Book Beats, her monthly column with the Indian Express.

Priya Sebastian’s illustrations are characterised by their powerful monochromatic compositions. Her medium of choice is charcoal and her use of colour is sparing.

Priya is based in Bangalore, India. Her work has illustrated the content of most major magazines and newspapers for over two decades. Features and interviews about Priya and her illustrations have appeared in several foremost design magazines, newspapers and art blogs in India.

Travelling, exploring cities, interacting with nature and recording her experiences in her visual journals form an integral part of the life of this illustrator.

Her work can be found on


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