Giggi and Daddy

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ISBN: 978-81-9410-290-8

Author: Richa Jha

Illustrator: Mithila Ananth

Format: Paperback

Dimension (L x W x H mm): 279 x 222 x 4

Weight: 180 gm

Published: 0/06/2019

Pages: 32

In a nutshell: Giggi and her daddy bond over tall tales and oodles of love.

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There’s a story Giggi’s daddy tells her every day. It’s about a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of everything. And it all begins when Giggi wasn’t even born. Dig into this charming, chucklesome book that has oodles of daddy-daughter love.


Richa Jha spins an endearing maze of believable tall tales and cuteness overload. Mithila Ananth’s uncluttered frames with impish illustrations and exceptional visual comic timing leave the reader craving more.


Accolades and Awards: Shortlisted for Best Children’s Illustrated Book of the Year at the CBAM Awards 2021.


About the Creators:

Richa Jha is an author and picture book enthusiast. Her books have won several prestigious national and international awards and nominations. She is also the founder and publisher at Pickle Yolk Books, an independent publishing house for children’s picture books in English. She is an avid reader and an indefatigable traveller.


Mithila Ananth (A.K.A Doodlekaari on the internet) is an illustrator and designer based in Bangalore. She is a self-taught artist and has been illustrating for the past 3 years now (after quitting her 9 to 5 job!). Her art style is uncomplicated and playful with a touch of humour and plenty of colours. Her debut children’s picture book – “The Manic Panic” written by Richa Jha, published under Creston Books – came out in 2018 in the US.



5 reviews for Giggi and Daddy

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  2. Amardeep

    This book is a beautiful reminder of the fact that fathers are equally important in the parenting journey, but are often forgotten. A beautiful story of a father who feels slightly left out, and so comes up with exaggerated (but delightfully funny) stories of his memories with his daughter. My four year old and I were smiling and laughing all through the book! However, it is the ending that will steal your heart and make you want to read this book again and again. It will also make you call your dad, and have a long talk with him about the beautiful memories that you both have shared! The illustrations are amazing, and actually made my son say “My daddy strongest”! I am not exaggerating when I say that this book is extremely precious, and will be treasured by all parents and kids!

  3. Kiran

    This is a short sweet story about Giggi and her daddy. My daughter and I read this book almost every night before sleep and it is a great bonding activity for us. The illustration is fun and jovial for our kid to relate to it instantly. She just loves this book and keeps bringing it to us asking to read it aloud for her. Everytime I read this book along with my daughter, I simply feel like I am the greatest dad in the world. A beautiful book that I would recommend to other parents too.

  4. Priyank Chelawat

    Most of the books for this age group deal with education or stories. Gigi and Daddy is an everday book, and this is precisely why it keeps the child and the parent so engaged. This is also why the book is very fun to read to the kids in your own style.
    Todays dads are very much involved in childcare and the author has done a wonderful job highlighting the very relation, funtimes kids share with their dads everyday!
    Much awaited and highly recommended books for both parents and kids.

  5. Sakshi

    We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this beautiful book with our little Giggi “Aanya”
    A beautiful message given with so much of simplicity.
    This book emphasizes the fact that u don’t need to be a superhero to be a super dad.
    All the day to day activities a father daughter share not only helps to strengthen the father daughter bond but also builds beautiful memories for life
    A father being an equal parent in sharing the responsibilities right from diaper changes, to feeding to giving a bath to growing up and being their partner in crime.
    This book sums it all beautifully.

    But the one thing that my little giggi noticed about this book was the Mommy who was sitting on the tree and clicking pictures of giggi and Daddy which is so “us”
    And she also thoroughly enjoyed imagining herself in Papa’s Pocket 🙂

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