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The Middle


ISBN: 978-81-9410-292-2

Author: Richa Jha

Illustrator: Eva Sanchez Gomez

Format: Hardcover

Dimension (L x W x H mm): 289 x 217 x 6

Weight: 500 gm

Year Published: 01/12/2019

No. of Pages: 32

Category: Product ID: 1880


THE MIDDLE is the story of Azma’s journey from being an insatiable reader to becoming a contemplative writer. And through the course of this restless quest, she fights, in her head, the dark, formidable demons of taunting part-truths. Eva Sanchez Gomez creates a visual world which is at once intense and menacing, as it is calming and quieting. Richa Jha’s lyrical text brings out Azma’s disquiet within and the unease outside. Together, they have birthed a book that is an achingly beautiful tribute to any soul-searching creative process.

Author Note: Richa Jha is an author and picture book enthusiast. Her books have won several prestigious national and international awards and nominations. She is also the founder and publisher at Pickle Yolk Books, an independent publishing house for children’s picture books in English. She is an avid reader and an indefatigable traveller.

Illustrator Note: Eva Sánchez Gómez graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and then she focused on illustration in “Escola Francesca Bonnemaison” at the “Diputació de Barcelona”. There she started her professional career seeking her own visual language where the pencil, watercolor and a descriptive and sometimes nostalgic perspective are, at least for now, the protagonists. Tender, grumpy, ironic or disturbing characters go through the stories all along this learning process. Since then she has illustrated several novels and picture books from different countries and her works has been showed in quite a few collective exhibitions and Art markets around the world.

One Line Description: Azma’s journey from being a voracious reader to becoming a contemplative writer


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