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MOMMIES is on the 2024 dPICTUS 100 Outstanding Picturebooks list!

We are excited to share that our MOMMIES by @richajharj and has been selected for the dPICTUS 100 Outstanding Picturebooks 2024!
This is an annual curation of the finest picturebooks from around the world in a wide range of languages. Invited by the @picturebookmakers/ dPICTUS platform, the guest curators are some of the most revered doyens and experts of the picturebook world.
MOMMIES is edited by @archu6591, designed by Priya Sebastian and @shakil.khan0602, and printed at @thomsonpress.
We are feeling good, we are, we are! Chuffed to be in such fine company. These will be displayed at the forthcoming @bolognachildrensbookfair.
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