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Nutspace @Inknuts has us teary eyed – all over again!

I was bang in the middle of relocating to Delhi when this new mail popped in my inbox.

“Hi Richa

I dramatised The Unboy Boy the other day…It was such a wonderful session. And kids loved the story….”

It was from Rohini Vij, the master storyteller, a super fun author n writer, a prolific blogger, an awesome mom, a proud (now) Kanpur resident, and a generally WOW person. Coming from her, I knew there was sure to be some mega awesomeness loaded in there, but my phone was acting up a bit that day so the images refused to open. And I had limited net access. Which meant that both excited and frustrated and on a short fuse the entire day. And so, when I finally did manage to go through the images from the story session, my tears knew no restraint!

I’m not sure what it more for: seeing a book that you’ve so lovingly created being elevated to an all together different plane, or the realisation that this woman brings the story to life FAR FAR FAR better than I will ever be able to! 😉

Scroll down this post for some of the images that Rohini mailed across and feel the energy, the delight, the passion!

I wish I was there for this. Or the several other mind blowing sessions that Nutspace@Inknuts holds. Rohini, I love you. We love you. 🙂

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