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THE MANIC PANIC at Reading Caterpillar Library

THE MANIC PANIC at Reading Caterpillar Library

We had a fun, super charged couple of hours at Reading Caterpillar Library today with ace storyteller Rituparna Ghosh, children eager to spill out their family secrets and grown-up kids happy to reminisce the good ol’ days from their childhood, our THE MANIC PANIC brought this lovely, motley group of book enthusiasts together.

In Rituparna Ghosh’s words,

“We talked books, childhood and our stories of fearlessness. We let our children compare their screen time versus ours. We let loose our family secrets of regrets and our triumphs in leading connected lives and weekend rituals. At the library we strive to create a non-threatening and non-judgemental space for adults and children to connect over books and stories. This was on such day…

What more…we had several friends from the community of authors, storytellers and children’s literature champions dropping by to join the conversation.

Reading Caterpillar Library and Your Story Bag welcome authors, illustrators and publishers. We are happy to craft book-based experiences for readers of all ages. To host a book event at the library write to us at programs@yourstorybag.com. Let’s begin a new story…”

Thank you, Reading Caterpillar Library, Rituparna and Your Story Bag for taking our stories to the children and their parents. We savoured every moment of our interaction with everyone.

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