Love Like That

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ISBN: 978-93-5212-086-4

Author: Richa Jha

Illustrator: Gautam Benegal

Format: Paperback

Dimension (L x W x H mm): 279 x 222 x 4

Weight:  220 gm

Published: 2015

Pages: 32

In a nutshell: Baby Kroo wonders why his Mamma doesn’t love him in ways that other parents love their young ones.

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Little Kroo and Mamma Hop travel to different natural habitats around the world where Kroo is fascinated by new ways of parent-young one bonding. But why doesn’t his Mamma love him like that? What will get him to believe what she always says – that she may not love him like that, but she loves him the most in this world?


In this simple, elegantly told story, Richa Jha touches upon the one existential doubt every child’s mind faces at one point or another. The gentle pace of the book is in sharp contrast to the sheer scale of globe-trotting that the Mamma-baby duo are engaged in. Lyrical prose, a lilting assuring refrain, and adorable animals make this book a perfect bed time read. Gautam Benegal brings to life the landscapes with his magic brush strokes, each transporting the reader thousands of miles away to the real world of animals in their beautiful habitats.


Accolades and Awards: Shortlisted for Publishing Next Industry Awards 2016


About the Creators:

Richa Jha is a writer and an author of picture books for children, and the founder publisher of Pickle Yolk Books. Her books have won several prestigious awards in India and internationally, including the Crossword Book Award, Publishing Next Industry Awards, Neev Book Award, Parag Honour list, Comic Con Book Awards, The White Ravens and the South Asia Book Awards among others.


Born in 1965 in Calcutta, Gautam Benegal showed a marked aptitude for graphic arts from his early years. At age sixteen at the invitation of Satyajit Ray, renowned director and editor of the children’s magazine “Sandesh”, his illustrations and articles regularly appeared in Sandesh and subsequently other children’s magazines. Gautam Benegal has various children’s books to his credit ranging from children’s nursery rhymes, folk tales, to educational books. He loves to explore the ethnic cultural nuances and traditions of India using various styles in different artistic mediums. He is a renowned author, socio-political commentator and a National Award winner for animation films.


2 reviews for Love Like That

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  2. Amardeep Sodhi

    This is the perfect book to celebrate the mother-child bond and the great lengths that mothers will go to, to protect their children, keep them happy and safe. But, at the same time, it is so much more than just this. For my child, who will either cry or run away from anything remotely mushy, this book offers the perfect non-fiction mixed in – a mother and child kangaroo going on a trip around the world, through which the reader gets to explore different animals and places. In my opinion, all mothers must get this book, but especially all working mothers absolutely must get it – the illustrations show the mumma kangaroo working on a laptop, and it is oh so relatable for the children who see us on laptops all day. My 4 year old thoroughly enjoys reading this one 🙂

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